Tactical Indiscretions

Tactical Indiscretions 

 ”Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to knowledge” Proverbs 23:12

 Perspective is a gift of wisdom that is often gained through life’s experiences. As firefighters, our skills and their application are enhanced though our experiences such as: Training, incidents, and education.

“Our culture is defined by “the shared assumptions, beliefs, & values of a group or organization” (IFSTA Essentials 6th Edition).

 What or whom defines these beliefs?

 How do we expand our perspective without experience?

 What is the cost if our shared assumptions are wrong?

 A professional isn’t defined by their certification. It is by the quality of their work that they are measured. They are constantly working to master their craft.

 As firefighters, consider the implications of the incorrect application of a tactic: the end result could be far worse than poor performance.

 The results of “tactical indiscretions” can be the needless loss of life & property.

 In order for a tactic to be correctly applied, the individual must have an understanding of its origin. Knowing why is just as important as knowing how.

 In life, we are often found guilty of pursuing something without understanding why. Our vision is limited because of our lack of understanding.

 ”Tactical indiscretions” in our lives result in: failed marriages, broken relationships with our children, alcoholism & the tragic list goes on.

 God has provided a way for us all to gain understanding. The Bible is full of stories of people who made “tactical indiscretions”. Read with an open mind and you will be amazed at their story. David was a man after God’s own heart yet he committed adultery and murder. God used him in amazing ways and He wrote most of the Psalms. Paul was the greatest persecutor of the Christian faith and was present at Steven’s death. After his Damascus road experience, Paul went on to be the greatest evangelist and wrote most of the New Testament.

 We all make mistakes but those mistakes are not the end of us. God will take the brokenness of our lives and use them for His glory. Your test will become your testimony. Don’t give up!

The search for wisdom will lead you to Him. He wants to perfect His work in you.

God Bless,

 Andy Starnes


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