The things we see & Faith to keep going

Witnessing Life & Death in 24 hours

“Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see” Hebrews11:1

As a firefighter, it is not uncommon for us to see many different calls for service in one shift at work. One particular shift that sticks out in my mind was the tragic death of a 2 year old child. At the time, my wife was at home with our 2 ½ year old daughter.  At that moment, I couldn’t see any hope in what we had witnessed that night. The very next morning I was scheduled to run my very first marathon.  We all sat up after that call and talked about our families and some of us called our wives at 3 am just to check in. There is comfort in knowing that your family is safe after seeing such loss.

That next morning my wife and daughter met me in town and cheered me on for 26.2 grueling miles after being up all night. I have never felt more encouraged and thankful for my family as I did that day. As I ran, I remembered that little boy and I kept going.

The pain of that tragic loss that evening was a reminder for me to always be thankful for every single moment with my family. “Faith is the trust that God asks that you have in Him” (Ravi Zacharias).  We must understand that while we are here on this earth we are to be about the business of showing His love in our families, with our friends, and in our lives. I can remember that child’s face to this day but rather than focus on the loss of his life I choose to be a better father, husband, and a firefighter each and every moment in honor of him and what God has done for me. “I consider that the present sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory about to be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18)

God Bless you all,

Andy J. Starnes


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