Firefighter Discipleship

Daily Discipleship

A symbol is a promise

“Blessed are those…”Matthew 5:3
Firefighters wear symbols on their uniforms. These symbols have a long history and have a deeper meaning than most of us realize.

For example the Maltese Cross dates back to 1567 and the eight points of that cross represent the eight beatitudes.: to live in truth, to have faith, to repent of ones sins, to give proof of humility, to love justice, to be merciful, to be sincere & wholehearted, and to endure persecution.

Jesus’ sermon in the mount gives us instructions on that if we want to live for God we have to be willing to stand up for whats right even when its unpopular. We must realize the symbol on our uniform is a promise to serve our fellow man and to serve our God.

Be bold and remember you carry the symbol of promise.

God Bless,



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