#Firefighters Are you dealing with discouragement?

#Firefighters Are You Dealing with Discouragement?

The roles & responsibilities of a firefighter aren’t easy. The ever increasing demands on our knowledge, skills, and abilities causes one to feel as if you most know everything, be prepared for anything, and can never take a breath.

One who is passionate, dedicated, and has a love for the calling of a firefighter can become weary when the following occurs:

All of your efforts are not appreciated and mediocrity is rewarded.

Your family situation suffers.

And the organization that you call the greatest job in the world makes you feel worthless.

How does one reignite the fire that once burned in their soul?

How does one reconcile their sacrifice and dedication with worlds constant lack of appreciation?

The answer is simple but the application is beyond difficult.

Our hope, Our joy, and Our significance cannot be based on the appreciation or lack there of from others.

The world will always disappoint you, betray your trust, and change the meaning of truth.

You are not meant to look like the rest of the world!

The calling of a firefighter has to be based on an inner desire that cannot be dictated by circumstances. Otherwise you will become a “fair weather firefighter”; which means you will only be happy when things are going well.

In a profession where we deal with tragedy, loss, and death on a regular basis; one has to understand that being so close to such pain will have an effect on you.

My friends, there is one who will not abandon you, disappoint you, nor betray you. It is God. If your calling is sincere, and your heart is to endure, then you need the full armor of God.

This peace that comes Jesus is one that allows you to stay motivated, encouraged, and inspired despite the negativity that surrounds you.

If you don’t know Christ, I pray that you will ask Him into your heart today and the “peace that passes understanding” (Philippians) will guard your hearts in Christ Jesus.

With Christ in your heart, His Armor clad around you, and His Spirit speaking through you there is nothing that will cause you to fall away.

God Bless & stay encouraged!



One thought on “#Firefighters Are you dealing with discouragement?

  1. Thank you- it’s encouraging to read about an experienced firefighter’s honesty and true desire to follow Christ in the Fire Service. There’s a great need for us newbies to be mentored multidimensionaly. I’ve been searching for this. Thank you.

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