Firefighters The First R.I.C. Where it all began..,


#Firefighters The First R.I.C.
Where it all began..,

There were no badges or symbols on their chest. They were knights engaged in battle when suddenly their brothers were up against a new enemy:


Against all odds and facing certain death, they rescued their fellow knights. They knew the risk, they were trained, and they wore their armor.

For their bravery, they were awarded the Maltese Cross. They were considered the first firefighters.

Their are records of fire brigades as far back as 115 B.C. But the title of firefighter didn’t appear until this moment.

They were more than employees. They took an oath not a job. They fulfilled a calling not a line on a payroll folder. They left a mark on history not just a brief memory.

They gave of themselves for the sake of others. They had no other ambition but to save them. They had no…

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