#Firefighters Where does your passion come from?

#Firefighters Where does your passion come from?

“Every act of our lives strikes some chord that will vibrate in eternity” Rick Warren

In the fire service we understand the power of our actions. If we respond at the right time, with the right resources, and the right application of our training we make a positive impact on the tragic moments of others lives.

So with this knowledge, why is it that we fail to see the value of our actions in our own lives?

Whether you realize or not, someone is always watching you. They are studying your actions, your words, and your habits in hopes of learning that which you have already attained.

Do you not see the value in your own life?

You are an instrument through which a symphony like none other is played by the master Himself.

Your acts of compassion, service, and sacrifice are signs of a servant heart.

What drives you to do the things you do?

An inner longing, something left unfulfilled, that pushes you forward each and every time you serve.

This drive, is a calling that is placed on your heart from the very one who made your it.

It is when you recognize who made you, who loves you, and that you are valuable to Him; it is then your life has true meaning.

Your calling is justified. Your acts are qualified. Your drive is intensified. All because you have found the very source of it all.

Welcome to your calling! Welcome Him into your heart. And be ready to serve others in ways you may have only dreamed of.

Christ is calling…He will fulfill your greatest desires. You are more valuable than you could ever imagine.


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