#Leadership Struggles-Pain can Provide Purpose

Struggles in Leadership-
Pain Can Provide Purpose:

Have you ever been in a situation that you worked very hard to achieve only to find out that there is an even bigger mountain to climb?

Each personal achievement or success seems to be marked by the challenges of the next step of the journey.

It as if the mountain of adversity shouts at you:

“You didn’t think that you were done yet did you?”

If you are not challenged, facing difficult circumstances, or struggles; do you truly grow and learn?

In short, Leadership without opposition, struggles, and challenges is nothing more than a title. To truly understand leadership is to embrace the fact that adversity is a necessary part of your journey.

Each day that you face another obstacle you have a choice to make:

Cower and submit or Use it to drive you forward.

Personnel or Boss problems?
Life struggles? Conflicts?

Change your disposition by learning from those around you. Analyze as they criticize.

“Seek first to understand rather than to be understood” St. Francis

As you take one verbal assault after another from them with a smile because you now realize that they are a test, a mile marker in your journey, and despite their poor disposition you choose to learn from this experience.

Tough times can make you or break you. As a leader, you have chosen to be refined by them and not defined by them.

Each day that you rise to face these trials, lift your eyes to the one who has faced it all and remember:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13

You are not done yet, and God will “be faithful to complete you”


One thought on “#Leadership Struggles-Pain can Provide Purpose

  1. “smile because you realize they are a test.” This is extrememly relevant and very easy to forget and become negative. Thanks for the reminder.

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