The Power of Praise

The Power of Praise

Diminished, lacking, and barren all can describe one whose passion has been eroded by the constant negativity of others.

But then, the dark place sees a light. A faint glimmer of hope. It is another individual who is speaking encouraging words into the darkness.

You pause and reflect on their example. Why are they doing that? It’s not making a difference.

But wait, the light has gotten brighter because you have been unknowingly drawn to it. Now you are standing next to the light.

They speak words of hope to you and before long you begin to shine a light of encouragement to others.

Despite the darkness, no matter what the world says, you soldier on because you have found inspiration.

This is found by looking outside of ourselves. We were not meant to be alone, or learn everything from one group. God has placed many opportunities in your path but they all involve you “stepping out in faith” to receive them.

Maybe you are in a dark place right now. Maybe you can’t see a light. But just maybe you can’t see the light because you need someone to encourage you to look in a different direction.

In that moment, you begin to hope. Come along side of someone today. Speak words of encouragement a help them look in the right direction.


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