#Firefighters -Have you lost your way?


#Firefighters Have you become lost in the fires of life?

Separated, darkness surrounds you, your air is running out, and then you see it: the way out!

Have you ever been lost in a fire?

Or more commonly:

Have you become lost in the fire service?

Many of us started out with a vibrant passion with seemingly unstoppable ambition only to find ourselves feeling lost and alone. Those around us seem paralyzed and impervious to encouragement.

In a profession that deals in adversity, we have often failed to realize that adversity is also a part of our life. It is an opportunity as much as it is a painful reality.

The reality is this:

Those who face hardship are the ones who can relate to others who are suffering.

Are you lost? Have you fallen away?

Are you tired of cliche answers and half-hearted responses to your pain?

“The sacrifices…

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