Firefighter or Employee: what is missing?

Firefighter or Employee: what is missing?

Have you ever witnessed a firefighter who is superb on the fire ground but completely incapable of getting along with others at the fire house?

This is a bigger problem than we realize. What is it that they are missing?

Consider this:

A doctor who is the most skilled in his region but no one wants to see because he has a terrible bedside manner.

A husband who provides for his family but fails to provide the love & support his family needs from him.

Is it clear yet? Their heart isn’t in it.

The question we must ask ourselves is this:

Are we here for what God can do for you or are we here to see what God can do through you?

A personal moment for the author was when he realized that he had become an expert at serving God but had become a rookie at being God’s friend.

The firefighter whose understanding of the job that is at the skill level only will miss out on the greatest opportunity in their lifetime:

It is the power of relationship!

Having an authentic and genuine passion for what you do comes from a deeper understanding than merely how to do it.

It means that you know it, value it, and care about what you are doing.

A follower of Christ will understand that to be a Christian isn’t to merely know the Bible; it is to have a relationship with God through Jesus that is visible in your every day life.

You must have visible proof of your beliefs not just on Sunday. A firefighter must be a firefighter in their heart first and not merely when the bell hits.

This is the difference between an employee and a firefighter. This is the difference between a leader and a manager. This is the difference between a coworker and a brother.

This is the difference between a religious person and a believer.

Live out your beliefs by investing the time in your relationships: with God, your family, and your brothers & sisters in the fire service.

Be Authentic and lead others by your example.


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