Houston we have re-ignition: Day 3 of FDIC

A Re-ignition: Day 3 of FDIC Hands on Training

Someone once said that a firefighter’s skills are like milk and eggs. They are perishable, they have to be used to be kept fresh. After attending one of the most inspiring hands on classes in my 20 years with the fire service I have realized that this is profoundly true.

As the company officer, you sometimes find yourself becoming so proficient in your ‘soft skills’ (administrative, ICS, leadership principles, conflict resolution and relationship management, etc.) you become very deficient in the most basic and fundamental ‘hard skills’ that are our foundation.

Today, was a game changer for me. Not only did I get to practice some skills that I hadn’t done in a while I learned a tremendous amount about a new skill set for a fundamental engine company function. The training was incredible but what struck me as even more powerful was the passion and energy from each of the instructors.

Each training scenario was preceded by an intro that would awaken anyone’s spirit. Each instructor was leading from the front, in the mix, getting dirty, and encouraging the students like I had never seen before. Bottom line, these guys love what they do and love the fire service.

You could see it in their eyes, hear it in their words, and you could see it in the way that they worked tirelessly with the students. When everyone began to tire they inspired. When there was a lull in the action they breathed life into everyone by powerful and moving words.

They spoke to each student and ensured that everyone understood the concepts being taught. They were on fire! If you were standing anywhere near them, you could not help but be inspired. As soon as a nozzle was put down someone eagerly picked it up.

Firefighters from across the country, some who had never met, worked side by side learning together the fundamental art of our craft. Each firefighter showed heart, dedication, and worked like tenured veterans with longstanding relationships even though they had just met.

This experience stirred something within me. It caused a renewal and a refreshed perspective. We are firefighters and we should be thankful each and every day that we get to serve. Gratitude is an attitude and my fire is alive and well.

Get out there and inspire others and thank God each day that we are allowed to be a part of serving our fellow man.


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