Spotlight on Brotherhood

Spotlight on Brotherhood:

After an inspiring and encouraging much needed week at FDIC 2014 to say that I have been inspired is an understatement. This inspiration comes from each and every one of you!

Thus a new idea sprung to life. What do we do until the next mountain top moment such as FDIC? What are some ways we can keep the fires of encouragement burning?

The following articles you will see posted soon will be about individuals that I have recently met, known for a while, or who have been long time friends of mine.

I have found that each of us needs encouragement. We each try “not to grow weary in doing good” but after a while it seems we become drained by external forces.

The next article series will be focused on ‘spotlighting’ others and lifting them up. Each of these individuals is making a difference, is passionate about their calling, and has earned my respect.

It is a way of “mutually encouraging one another” and inspiring others who may be going through difficult times to soldier on. We will “continue to operate on the floor above” as Chief Roden said in his keynote address at FDIC 2014

My friends, there are so many great people out there doing great things and these article spotlights will shine a light that will encourage others to do the same.

So hold on, you will be encouraged.



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