Firefighter Biblical Leadership Study

Anger- 1 letter away from Danger

Let go of anger and leave rage behind! Don’t get upset—it will only lead to evil. (Psalms 37:8 CEB)

As a student of the Bible and the fire service, I have seen effects if anger in both areas. God’s righteous anger for man kinds evil is just, whereas our anger is seldom righteous.

We may feel justified in our moment of anger but our perspective is more like an adrenaline pumped amateur who gets tunnel vision. As we all know, this is when we are in grave danger.

Leaders are held to an even higher standard when it comes to controlling their anger. As a leader our every action, every word, and behavior are under constant scrutiny. The moment that anger rears it’s ugly head can be a career defining moment for a leader.

Will anger rule over us?

Do we realize at that moment whoever or whatever that has angered us has control over us?

The leader who is in control of their anger is like a mighty river controlled by a dam. Rather than let the raging flood waters loose thereby destroying all in its path; the leader takes the rivers of anger and turns it into positive energy and slowly releases the waters at the proper moment.

With God’s help, anger can be controlled rather than letting anger control us

Who do we want to control our life? God or our anger? The choice is ours…


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