Stand for something or fall for anything

Stand for something or fall for anything:

One who tolerates everything stands for nothing and the depth of their belief is solely based upon societies standards.

In the world today, no matter your belief you will be tested. Their is always a test around the corner awaiting to see if you will stand firm or compromise your principles.

Each and every time we give an inch of compromise on our beliefs we make the Devil our ruler.

Each and every time we fail to live out our calling whether in deeds, words, or behaviors we cause those on the cliffs of salvation to fall away.

Our bad example affects more people than we ever realize. Likewise, our consistent daily example of our beliefs, values, and disciplines pay dividends into the very future of those around us.

Every day we stand accountable to either God or man. In the end, man will pass away but God will remain. When we leave this world, we can leave behind a legacy through the changed lives of others.

God loves us so much that He has given us the freedom to choose our own way or His. When we choose His way, we are opening the door to making an eternal difference rather than a temporary one.

He desires out hearts by our own choosing. He has given us everything we need to stand firm in the face of a fallen world but it is up to us to call upon His name.

At the end of our life, how will we be remembered? As one who stood for truth, love, and mercy or one who stood with our hands out and our hearts closed.

Stand up! No matter the opposition, if you stand with God “He will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5)


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