Modern Fire Behavior-same old science

Door Control: There’s nothing new under the sun.

Project Kill The Flashover is finishing up a week here at South Carolina Fire Academy. Even though the weather changed our plans from testing extreme fire behavior to dealing with extreme weather behavior; the amount of learning that took place was huge!

The “Flow Path” of learning was intense. Some of the world’s smartest minds were here from Germany, Canada, Sweden, and all across the USA.

One of the most profound pieces of learning that has occurred is that this is not “new information.”

“On the first discovery of fire, it is the utmost consequence to shut, and keep shut all windows, doors, and other openings. It may often be observed, after a house has been on fire, that one floor is comparatively untouched, while those above and below are nearly burned out, this arises from a door in that particular floor having been shut, and the air track (draught) directed else where.”

James Braidwood, London Fire Establishment 1866

We are a grass roots effort working to educate the fire service about things we already know.

Let’s impact change together! We are ants in an ant colony and it requires all of us working together.

If you are interested in changing the fire service by preventing firefighters burns and deaths then come and join the movement.
You tube: Project Kill The Flashover
Facebook: Project Kill The Flashover
And you can do online training at
South Carolina Fire Academy’s website.


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