Planning Section Chief- Type 1 Incident called Life

Do you know THE Planning Section Chief?


Planning Section Chief:
“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed” Proverbs

During the course of an incident, as it begins to progress in size and complexity the planning section is established. This member is responsible for collecting, evaluating, and disseminating information about the development of the incident.

While the ‘fires’ of our lives are being fought, we must also be simultaneously: taking care of our family and their needs, pay the bills, buy and prepare meals, and complete the long list of to-do’s in life that are necessary to keep things running (Dr. appointments, oil changes, home maintenance, and on, and on).

How distracted we can become when a crisis consumes our focus! We are taught to avoid the dreaded tunnel vision in the world of firefighting but when your child falls ill can we be expected to maintain that level of professional calmness?


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