Want to learn more about firefighter behavioral health and what we can do about it? Here’s your opportunity:
If you have been following our posts, you all know that our mission is to encourage, inspire, & provide the critically needed resources for the members of the fire service.
And as a part of this mission, it requires that we learn about valuable programs available to first responders to assist them. This may not seem like much but anyone who has been in need has either had a bad experience or heard of someone who sought help and received poor treatment in the process. This should never happen and thus we strive to vet and verify that the services we recommend are going to treat our first responders with dignity and respect.
We had the honor and privilege of meeting Dan DeGryse at the IAFF Peer Support Certification Program in March of this year. I can honestly say that Dan’s sincerity and passion for this subject was truly genuine. I witnessed him continue his work at FDIC and have followed his work throughout the country.
If you are a firefighter in need: PTSD, substance abuse, and more then please consider The Rosecrance Florian Program as their program is designed and run by first responders. You can learn more here and contact Dan for more information below:
Daniel DeGryse B.A., CADC, CEAP, LAP/C
Director, Rosecrance Florian Program
Rosecrance Harrison Campus
3815 Harrison Ave.| Rockford, Illinois 61108
Direct: 815 387 2461| Fax: 815 391 5040
Cell: 312 833 0196
Email: ddegryse@rosecrance.org

View the Rosecrance Florian video for Firefighters and Paramedics

Check out the NEW Rosecrance Florian Program for Firefighters and Paramedics http://www.rosecrance.org/substance-abuse/florian-program/
In many cases, we are the first ones that see our brothers and sisters in need. We have seen that the fire service is lacking in training in the areas of addressing firefighter behavioral health. The Rosecrance Florian Symposium is an opportunity to learn more about how we all can help our brothers and sisters in need. Save the date and spread the word!
Register for the Rosecrance Florian Symposium at http://www.rosecranceflorian.org

Thanks again for supporting the mission of Bringing Back Brotherhood Ministries!
God Bless,

Andy Starnes


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