Always remember…
On this day may we choose:

To honor the calling that we have been blessed with through our service to our family, our communities, and to our brothers & sisters of the fire service.  

To view every step as a tribute to their entire lives.

To carry their memory to the top of the building and to the depths of our hearts. 

To care and tell others about that day so that the grieving families will know that they are not forgotten! 

To live each day as an example for others to follow.

To honor the title given to us and to honor the memories of those who have gone before us.

To never stop caring, learning, and striving to improve.

To remember that this is a calling not a job

We can all do more to honor those who have gone before us. But this begins in each of our hearts. The challenge that lies before us is to set the example daily and to take each step with a heart of gratitude.

So will we sit quietly, or will we take up our armor and climb the stairs of life in thankful remembrance that we are to carry on?
The choice is ours; let us choose to lift up those whose hearts bear the scars of loss.

Let us remember those who gave their lives didn’t hesitate to help therefore let us not hesitate to help those who live on because of their sacrifice.

Never Forget,

Andy J. Starnes


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